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New Analysis

Gros, D.; Kurpas, S. (2006), Priorities for the Finnish Presidency, July-December 2006, CEPS Working Document, 12.07.2006. (PDF)

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New Documents

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, address to Parliament on Finland's EU Presidency, 21.06.2006. (HTML)

Brussels European Council, Presidency Conclusions, Nr: 10633/06, 16.06.2006. (PDF)

The President in office of the European Council, Federal Chancellor Schüssel: Plans for new phase of concrete results and projects, Press Release, 16.06.2006. (HTML)

Président de la Commission européenne José Manuel Barroso, Discours au Parlement européen en vue du Conseil européen des 15 et 16 juin 2006, Parlement européen, Strasbourg, 14 juin 2006. (PDF) (French)

UK Minister for Europe Geoff Hoon, 'A new agenda for Europe', Centre for European Reform, speech, 14.06.2006. (HTML)


New Links

European Commission: European Council 15-16.06.2006 (HTML)

European Council, Brussels, 15-16.06.2006 (HTML)

The Permanent Forum of European Civil Society (HTML)

The independent policy journal Europe’s World (HTML)

The "Reflection Period"



06.07.2006 Nearly half of citizens want new talks on EU constitution, EUobserver.com

A majority of citizens across the union want the EU constitution either revised or binned, a new European Commission survey has revealed. Meanwhile, enlargement blues are increasing while Turkish EU enthusiasm has plummeted.

05.07.2006 Dutch PM hopeful demands second treaty referendum, EUobserver.com

The Dutch Labour party leader, who according to polls could become the Netherlands' next prime minister, has said any revised EU constitution text should be put to a new referendum.

30.06.2006 Finland seeks better climate for revised EU constitution, EUobserver.com

The Finnish government has said an improved overall "political climate" is necessary to give a slightly re-drafted EU constitution a chance, as Helsinki takes over the EU's helm on Saturday.

20.06.2006 Pan-European constitution referendum unlikely to fly, EUobserver.com

The Austrian chancellor has reiterated his view that a pan-European referendum on the constitution is the only way out of the institutional impasse - but both he and the head of the European Parliament admit the idea is unlikely ever to fly.

16.06.2006 EU leaders gloss over big constitution questions, EUobserver.com

EU leaders meeting in Brussels on Thursday agreed to move from one vague term describing the frozen constitution process on to another, equally vague term. Overall a general plan to take steps by the latest in 2008 was agreed but it remained unclear what those steps could be.

15.06.2006 Vienna unveils EU constitution action plan, EUobserver.com

Draft conclusions on the EU constitution on Thursday evening (15 June) steer carefully between member states' sensitivities, confirming a 2009 deadline for an ill-defined "reform process."

15.06.2006 EU leaders to lock horns over treaty and expansion, EUobserver

EU leaders are gathering in Brussels to conduct some high-level head-scratching over the bloc's constitution after an official year of reflection produced much thought but few answers - although two world cup football matches involving England and Sweden may provide some distraction.

15.06.2006 Barroso moots plans to change EU constitution, EUobserver.com

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has said his institution is working on "alternatives" to the EU constitution, suggesting Brussels believes the current text will not survive and needs changes.

14.06.2006 Delors slams EU leaders for lack of vision on Europe, EUobserver.com

On the eve of an EU leader discussion on the paralysed constitution, two ex-presidents of the European Commission have expressed differing views on what to do next.

12.06.2006 Austrian chancellor suggests EU-wide referendum on constitution, EUobserver.com

The head of the outgoing Austrian EU presidency chancellor Wolfgang Schussel believes a pan-European referendum could be a way forward to push the stranded EU constitution into floating waters.

08.06.2006 EU leaders set to bury Brussels veto reduction plan, EUobserver.com

EU leaders are next week set to reject a European Commission plan to reduce national vetoes on justice and criminal matters, according to draft summit conclusions.

07.06.2006 EU foreign policy vision reanimates constitution ideas, EUobserver.com

The European Commission is seeking closer co-operation with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and signaling a renewed interest in the idea of an EU diplomatic service, according to a new paper on the union's role in the world.

07.06.2006 Merkel and Chirac set timetable for EU constitution, EUobserver.com

The leaders of France and Germany have agreed a new timetable for trying to revive the EU constitution setting 2008 as the year when decisions on the document should be taken.

02.06.2006 Low public support for EU constitution in Finland, EUobserver.com

Only one in five Finns support the ratification of the EU constitution that the Helsinki parliament is set to adopt, a new survey shows. An internal spat over the Finnish president's attendance at EU summits has also erupted, shortly before the country takes over the helm of the EU on 1 July.

01.06.2006 Dutch 'no' camp bikes EU constitution back to Brussels, EUobserver.com

The Netherlands is struggling to draw political conclusions from its "no" vote to the constitution exactly one year ago, as the Dutch Socialist Party returned the moribund charter to Brussels by bike on Thursday.

01.06.2006 Dutch leader seeks to avoid new EU treaty referendum, EUobserver.com

One year after the failed referendum on the EU constitution in the Netherlands, Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende has indicated he will try to avoid a second referendum on a possible revised treaty text.


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