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New Pages:

The Reform Treaty - Preparation; Negotiation

New Analysis

Hagemann, S. (2007), The EU Reform Treaty: easier signed than ratified?, European Policy Centre, Policy Brief, July 2007. (PDF)

Meyer, C. (2007), The Constitutional Treaty Debates as Revelatory Mechanisms:
Insights for Public Sphere Research and Re-Launch Attempts
, RECON Online Working Paper 2007/06. (PDF)

Hüller, T. (2007), Adversary or 'Depoliticized' Institution? Democratizing the Constitutional Convention, RECON Online Working Paper 2007/07. (PDF)

Friedrich, D. (2007), Old Wine in New Bottles? The Actual and Potential Contribution of Civil Society Organisations to Democratic Governance in Europe, RECON Online Working Paper 2007/08. (PDF)

Giuliani, J.D. (2007), Understanding the Brussels Agreement on the Reform Treaty (23rd June 2007) and the Intergovernmental Conference, Fondation Robert Schuman, European Issues 69. (French) (HTML)

Maurer, A. (ed.) (2007), Vom Verfassungs- zum Reformvertrag: Die Ratifikationsverfahren zum EU-Verfassungsvertrag und die Verhandlungen zum Mandat der Regierungskonferenz 2007, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Diskussionspapier. (German) (PDF)

Emmanouilidis, J.A. (2007), A Differentiated Europe – 12 Theses, Discussion paper prepared for the seminar on “Global, Social and Political Europe” organized by The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), 28 June - 1 July 2007, Nafplion, Greece. (PDF)

Barysch, K. (2007), Portugal's presidency, CER briefing note, July 2007. (PDF)

Liberti, F.; Martinuzzi, C. (2007), EU Summit in Brussels - Failure behind a mask of success, Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques (IRIS), Actualités Européennes; No 9. (PDF)

Kurpas, S.; Riecke, H. (2007), Is Europe back on track? : Impetus from the German EU Presidency, CEPS Working Document No. 273/July 2007. (PDF)

Fossum, J.E. (2007), Constitutional Patriotism: Canada and the European Union, RECON Online Working Paper 2007/04. (PDF)

Giscard d'Estaing, V. (2007), Discours devant la Commission des Affaires Constitutionnelles du Parlement européen, 17.07.2007. (HTML)

Handl, V. (2007), Tschechische Europapolitik: schwierige Positionierung während der deutschen Ratspräsidentschaft, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Analysen aus der Tschechischen Republik; Heft No 3. (German) (PDF)

Open Europe (2007), Broken promises: Lessons from 10 years of the Blair Government in Europe, briefing note. (PDF)

Open Europe (2007), Who's afraid of a referendum?, briefing note. (PDF)

Seeger, S.; Emmanouilidis, J.A. (2007), Ausweg oder Labyrinth? - Analyse und Bewertung des Mandats für die Regierungskonferenz, CAP Analyse 5, July 2007. (German) (PDF)

Martín y Pérez de Nanclares, J. (2007), Hacia un nuevo tratado europeo: de cómo recuperar la esencia del Tratado Constitucional sin que realmente lo parezca, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI Nº 76/2007, 9.07.2007. (Spanish) (PDF)

Baldwin, R.; Widgren, M. (2007), Pandora's (Ballot) Box - Can the Constitution voting rules, Centre for Economic Policy Research, Policy Insight 4. (PDF)

Atilgan, C.; Wölkner, S. (2007), Europa „verträgt” sich! : Der Weg aus der Verfassungskrise der EU, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Analysen & Argumente 43. (German) (PDF)

Kaczynski, P.M. (2007), Titel Polish Dilemmas on the New European Union Treaty, Institute of Public Affairs, Analyses & Opinions 76. (PDF)


New Documents

Committee of the Regions (2007), Relaunching the process of reforming the European Union in anticipation of the European Council of 21 and 22 June 2007, 27.07.2007. (PDF)

Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anna E. Fotyga (2007), Statement on the occasion of the opening of the Intergovernmental Conference, 23.07.2007. (PDF)

Présidence de la CIG (2007), Projet de traité modifiant le traité sur l'Union européenne et le traité instituant la Communauté européenne - "Draft Treaty Amending The Treaty On European Union And The Treaty Establishing The European Community", 23.07.2007. (French)

Portuguese Presidency (2007), Convening of an Intergovernmental Conference, 19.07.2007. (PDF)

European Commission (2007), Reforming Europe for the 21st Century - Opinion on the Conference of representatives of the governments of the Member States convened to revise the Treaties, 10.07.2007. (PDF)

European Central Bank (2007), Opinion on the opening of an Intergovernmental Conference to draw up a Treaty amending the existing Treaties, 05.07.2007. (PDF)

European Parliament (2007), Resolution on the convening of the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC): the European Parliament's opinion, 11.07.2007. (HTML)

British Foreign Secretary (2007), UK position on a treaty to reform the European Union's institutions, House of Commons, 20.06.2007. (HTML)

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (2007), Speech to the European Parliament reviewing the German EU Presidency. 27.06.2007. (HTML)

Portuguese Presidency (2007), A stronger Union for a better World, priorities of the Presidency. (PDF)




30.07.2007 UK conservatives mull private poll on EU treaty, EUobserver.com

The question of how a new EU treaty should be ratified continues to be a source of political tension in the UK, with some opposition Conservatives indicating they want a privately-funded referendum on the document.

27.07.2007 EU treaty ratification may be difficult, experts say, EUobserver.com

Even if the EU manages to avoid referendums on its new Reform Treaty, ratification of the text may prove less easy than has been assumed so far, a Brussels think tank has warned. France first needs to amend its own constitution before it can ratify the EU treaty.

24.07.2007 Just like the constitution, say friends and foes of new EU treaty, EUobserver.com

Both advocates and critics of the complete draft of the new EU treaty highlight its similarity with the bloc's failed constitution. While advocates consider it the argument for a swift ratification through parliaments, critics maintain it should be decided by public referendum.

23.07.2007 EU unveils bulky new treaty draft, EUobserver.com

The EU has kicked off its procedural journey towards a new Treaty on Monday with 277 pages of draft text on the table. Poland is showing fresh willingness to compromise on the sensitive issue of voting weights.

23.07.2007 Portugal kicks off formal EU treaty talks, EUobserver.com

Just before the EU packs its holiday bags, member states are on Monday opening a formal round of negotiations on the Union's new treaty. The talks are meant to be strictly technical - but the Portuguese EU presidency could face some political hurdles along the way.

17.07.2007 EU constitution architect deplores 'cosmetic' text changes, EUobserver.com

The architect of the rejected European constitution, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, has qualified the recently agreed changes to the document as "cosmetic" and designed to avoid the EU's new reform treaty looking exactly like the EU constitution.

16.07.2007 Treaty made unreadable to avoid referendums, says Amato, EUobserver.com

The new EU reform treaty text was deliberately made unreadable for citizens to avoid calls for referendum, one of the central figures in the treaty drafting process, former Italian prime minister Giuliano Amato, has said.

11.07.2007 New EU treaty to be communications 'prority' for Brussels, EUobserver.com

The European Commission is planning on making the promotion of a new treaty one of its main tasks in the coming months, after the previous more grandly name EU constitution was rejected in two founding member states.


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