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New Analysis

Gnath, K. (2006), Guy Verhofstadt and 'The United States of Europe': The Eurozone as a new core Europe?, Federal Trust Policy Brief Number 22. (PDF)

Ladzik, J. (2006), A European Diplomatic Service?, Federal Trust Policy Brief, Number 20. (PDF)

Institut für Europäische Politik (Ed.) (2006), EU-25 Watch, No. 2, January 2006. (PDF)

Weidenfeld, W. (2006), Europäische Identität und die Krise des europäischen Verfassungsvertrags, CAP, 27.01.2006. (HTML) (German)

Barysch, K. (2006), The Austrian EU presidency and the future of the constitutional treaty,
Briefing note, CER, 24.01.2006. (PDF)

Hoeksma, J. (2006), Beyond the Constitution, Federal Trust European Newsletter, January 2006. (PDF)

Wagner, M: (2006), Where next for the Constitution in 2006?, Federal Trust European Newsletter, January 2006. (PDF)

CIDEL (Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy in the EU) brochure: Towards a Citizens' Europe?, PDF version of brochure: print quality (8 MB) - screen quality (0,9 MB)


New Documents

PM Tony Blair, Speech on future of Europe, Oxford University, 02.02.2006. (HTML)

European Parliament, Resolution on the period of reflection: the structure, subjects and context for an assessment of the debate on the European Union, A6-0414/2006, 19.01.2006. (HTML)_TEXTO2_

New Links

The "Reflection Period"

Conference on the future of Europe next week (27-28 January) “The Sound of Europe” (HTML)

"Forum Constitutionis Europae" de l’Institut Walter Hallstein (HTML)_TEXTO3_



03.02.2006 Blair hints at reviving EU constitution, EUobserver.com

British prime minister Tony Blair said the EU needs to revive talks about the constitution to establish more effective rules of governance, but warned that the EU must not forget other priorities

29.01.2006 Finnish presidency to accept changes in constitution text, EUobserver.com

In an interview with EUobserver, the Finnish prime minister Matti Vanhanen has called upon states that have ratified the EU constitution to accept possible changes to the text, announcing Helsinki will promote "flexibility" over the shelved treaty during its EU presidency starting in July.

27.01.2006 Brits, Poles and Danes would also reject EU charter, Dutch PM suggests, EUobserver.com

Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende has suggested that referendums on the EU constitution in the UK, Poland and Denmark would result in a "no" like in his own country, while shrugging off responsibility for the union's constitutional deadlock.

27.01.2006 Conference seeks fresh EU 'sound' to heal constitution rift, EUobserver.com

European leaders and intellectuals are gathering in the Austrian city of Salzburg for a high-profile conference on European identity, meant to mark the start of the Austrian presidency's bid to revive the debate on the EU constitution.

25.01.2006 Polish president calls for brand new EU constitution, EUobserver.com

The European Union should draft a brand new constitution, because the one currently on the table pushes for more integration than the bloc's citizens are willing to accept, the Polish president Lech Kaczynski has said.

23.01.2006 Delors to advise on how to salvage EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Jacques Delors, a former European Commission president and the key player behind creating the bloc's single currency, is now helping the commission revive the rejected EU constitution.

19.01.2006 MEPs back plan to save EU constitution, EUobserver.com, European Parliament

The European Parliament has adopted a plan aiming to revive the EU constitution, while rejecting attempts to acknowledge the need for a revision of the original text.

12.01.2006 Slovenia joins constitution revival camp, EUobserver.com

Slovenia has joined the camp of member states aiming at a revival of the EU constitution. Slovenia was one of the first countries to ratify the constitution in February last year, and has now joined the camp of states seeking to resuscitate the charter.

11.01.2006 Ratify EU constitution to give Europe new momentum: Estonia FM, EUbusiness.com


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