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New Analysis

Göler, D.; Jopp, M. (2007), Kann Europa gelingen? Vorhaben und Chancen der deutschen Ratspräsidentschaft, Integration 1/07, Februar 2007. (German) (PDF)

Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (2007), Common values – the living source of the European project, Contribution to the Preparation of the Berlin Declaration. (PDF)

Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (2005), The Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe Elements for an Evaluation, March 2005. (PDF)

Rodríguez Iglesias, R.C.; Torreblanca, J.I. (Coor.) (2007), El futuro de la Constitución Europea: Opciones para España, Real Instituto Elcano, 8º Informe Elcano, enero de 2007. (Spanish) (PDF)

Schreyer, M. (2007), Zur Zukunft des Verfassungsvertrages : Positionen und Vorschläge der Grünen und anderer europapolitischer Akteure, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Schriften zu Europa, Studie, Februar 2007. (German) (PDF)

Maurer, A. (2007), Accommoder des attentes contradictoires : Perspectives pour la présidence allemande de l'Union européenne en 2007, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Analyses et Documents. (French) (PDF)

Mangas, A. (2007), El rescate del Tratado Constitucional: ¿qué y cómo se puede salvar?,
ARI Nº 17/2007, Real Instituto Elcano, 12.02.2007. (Spanish) (HTML)

Torreblanca, J.I. (2007), Tiempo de aniversario, tiempo de trincheras, riesgo de ruptura, ARI Nº 16/2007, Real Instituto Elcano, 12.02.2007. (Spanish)

European Policy Centre (2007), Challenge Europe - Europe@50: back to the future, Issue paper 16, February 2007. (PDF)

Onesta, G. (2006), Le Plan A+ - Le Traité, La Constitution européenne entre possible et souhaitable, automne 2006. (French) (PDF)

Onesta, G. (2006), Le Plan A+ - La Constitution, La Constitution européenne entre possible et souhaitable, automne 2006. (French) (PDF)

Onesta, G. (2006), Le Plan A+ - La démarche, La Constitution européenne entre possible et souhaitable, automne 2006. (French) (PDF)

Laming, R. (2007), Fifty years of the European Union, Based on a talk given to the Eastbourne branch of the European Movement, 24.01.2007. (HTML)

Inter-Parliamentary Research Network (2003), The Proposed Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, briefing note, Research and Library Services of the legislatures in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). (PDF)

Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) (ed.) (2007), EU-25/27 Watch, No. 4, January 2007. (PDF)

New Documents

Chancellor Merkel (2007), Herz und Kopf der Menschen gewinnen, die Zielen der EU-Ratspräsidentschaft, 16.02.2007. (HTML)

European Parliament President Poettering (2007), Keynote inaugural speech, European Parliament, 13.02.2007. (PDF)



22.02.2007 Germany's EU constitutional task increasingly difficult, EUobserver.com

As the half-way mark of the German presidency looms, even the most basic parameter-setting agreement on the EU constitution looks difficult as France is politically absent, the UK is opposed to a substantial text and Poland is taking a tough man stance.

22.02.2007 Sarkozy criticises EU integration talks without France, EUobserver.com

French presidential candidate and interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has chastised the 18 countries who have already ratified the EU constitution for discussing European integration without France. Meanwhile polls show that his rival, Segolene Royal, is closing in on him.

22.02.2007 Poland to push for 'dark' side to EU birthday text, EUobserver.com

Poland wants the EU's upcoming 50th birthday declaration to mention the "dark" side of recent European history such as Communism and the Balkan wars, while hinting that changes to the EU voting system could become a Polish red line in future talks on the new EU constitution.

21.02.2007 Rome concerned over Blair's exit impact for EU constitution talks, EUobserver.com

Italian and Spanish leaders have voiced their full support for salvaging the EU constitution, indicating they could join Germany as the big country frontrunners pushing for the charter's revival. But Rome has raised concern over the UK's position if Tony Blair leaves government soon after the June EU summit.

12.02.2007 French MEP sees way out of EU constitutional crisis, EUobserver.com

As proposals to chop, add to or scrap the EU constitution continue to crop up almost daily, a French MEP believes he has found the solution to the bloc's institutional impasse by keeping the text exactly as it is but introducing a radical ratification procedure. However, the UK remains the "great unknown," according to the deputy.

09.02.2007 Barroso puts pressure on The Hague over EU constitution, EUobserver.com

European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso on Thursday urged the Netherlands to start "moving" towards a compromise on the EU constitution, during a visit to the Dutch national parliament which saw Mr Barroso's charm soothe some Dutch MPs' fears of Brussels' intentions.

07.02.2007 [Comment] Ratification is not an optional extra, EUobserver.com

The suggestion in the Netherlands that a decision on whether or not to hold a referendum will be taken once the negotiations on the EU constitution are complete is simply a repeat of the previous error. Ratification is not an add-on; it is central to Europe's constitutional future, argues Richard Laming.

01.02.2007 EU divisions on constitution grow, EUobserver.com

Despite Germany's efforts to conduct negotiations on the EU constitution discreetly, the rifts between member states are already abundantly clear with the UK and the Czech Republic already setting out their red lines, Spain looking to put more into the text, and the French presidential contenders bringing the topic into their pre-election campaigning.

30.01.2007 Prague faces head-on clash with pro-EU constitution camp, EUobserver.com

The Czech Republic has emerged as a key opponent of the German EU presidency's plan to revive the European constitution, with its newly appointed negotiator Jan Zahradil telling EUobserver that Prague seeks to curb EU powers and re-open core parts of the charter.


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