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Please find attached this monthly issue of "The European Constitution newsletter" your online-review of recent published working papers, documents and other material of interest concerning the constitutional process compiled by the PhD Programme: European Union of the University of Zaragoza. The summary also contains material which has been uploaded regarding former steps in this process and references to articles published in specialized journals, for reasons of publisher rights we are not able to provide access to the full text.
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The Lisbon Treaty - Ratification


New Analysis

Langhorst, A.K.; Ullrich, K. (2008), Der Ratifikationsprozess des Vertrags von Lissabon: Stand der Nationalen Verfahren, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Newsletter. Mai 2008. (PDF) (German)

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30.05.2008 Italy gives EU treaty green light, opponents demand referendum, EUbusiness.com

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's new government on Friday adopted measures to ratify the EU treaty of Lisbon, but its Northern League partner wants this to be put to a referendum, ANSA news agency reported.

29.05.2008 Luxembourg is 15th EU state to ratify treaty in parliament, EUbusiness.com

Luxembourg ratified Thursday the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, becoming the 15th of the 27 EU nations to endorse the massive reform package through parliament.

26.05.2008 Voting gap narrows ahead of Irish referendum, EUobserver.com

The gap between the "Yes" and the "No" camps ahead of the EU treaty referendum in Ireland is narrowing, according to the latest poll. Meanwhile, Germany, the bloc's biggest member state, has completed parliamentary ratification of the charter.

22.05.2008 Lisbon treaty not an easy sell, admits Irish EU commissioner, EUobserver.com

With just three weeks to go before Ireland's highly anticipated referendum on the Lisbon treaty, the country's European Commissioner has admitted that the document is hard to sell because it does not bring tangible benefits to the population.

12.05.2008 Slovak president ratifies EU's reforming Lisbon Treaty, EUbusiness.com

Slovak president Ivan Gasparovic signed the EU's reforming Lisbon Treaty on Monday, wrapping up the country's fraught ratification and making it the 13th country to have completed the process.

06.05.2008 EU court judgements affecting Irish treaty campaign, EUobserver.com

The Irish government's official campaign in favour of the EU's Lisbon Treaty has been dealt a blow following the decision by a major union to speak out against the document.


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