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Please find attached this monthly issue of "The European Constitution newsletter" your online-review of recent published working papers, documents and other material of interest concerning the constitutional process compiled by the PhD Programme: European Union of the University of Zaragoza. The summary also contains material which has been uploaded regarding former steps in this process and references to articles published in specialized journals, for reasons of publisher rights we are not able to provide access to the full text.
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The Lisbon Treaty - Ratification


New Analysis

Müller-Graff, P.C. (2008), Der Vertrag von Lissabon auf der Systemspur des Europäischen Primärrechts, Integration, Ausgabe 2/08, April 2008. (German) (PDF).

Brady, H. (2008), Applicants sought for new Council president, Centre for European Reform, CER Bulletin 59. (HTML)

Ladzik, J. (2008), The EU's Member States and European Defence - ESDP in the Lisbon Treaty, The Federal Trust, EuropeanPolicy Brief, April 2008. (PDF)

Höreth, M.; Sonnicksen, J. (2008), Making and Breaking Promises: The European Union under the Treaty of Lisbon, Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung, Discussion Paper, C181, Bonn. (PDF)

Leinen, J. (2008), Die Gewinner des neuen Europa-Vertrages, FES, International Policy Analysis. (German) (PDF)

Baddenhausen, H.; Deja, M. (2008), Schutz der Grundrechte in der EU nach dem Vertrag von Lissabon, Deutscher Bundestag, Wissenschaftliche Dienste. (German) (PDF)

Baddenhausen, H.; Grey, T. (2008), Kompetenzverteilung und verfahrenstechnische Änderungen im Vertrag von Lissabon, Deutscher Bundestag, Wissenschaftliche Dienste. (German) (PDF)

Keulen, M. (2008), Bringing the Treaty Back Home: The Netherlands and the Lisbon Treaty, Clingendael European Studies Programme, Commentary 6. (PDF)

Gardiner, N., McNamara, S. (2008), The EU Lisbon Treaty: Gordon Brown Surrenders Britain's Sovereignty, The Heritage Foundation, WebMemo #1840. (Html)

Ruiz-Jiménez, A.; Torreblanca, J. (2008), Is there a trade-off between deepening and widening? What do Europeans think?, EPIN Working Papers no 17 April 2998. (PDF)


New Documents

German Bundestag (2008), Plenary Debate regarding the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, 24.04.2008. (German) (PDF)

Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union (PDF) (Word)





28.04.2008 As polls narrow, Irish PM warns of 'disaster' if EU treaty defeated, EUobserver.com

Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has issued a stark warning on the consequences of rejecting the EU treaty as the latest poll shows a narrowing gap between the Yes and No side.

25.04.2008 EU treaty set to be examined by Czech and German courts, EUobserver.com

The Lisbon treaty is set to be examined to see if it breaches national laws in two member states, raising the risk that the 1 January 2009 deadline for the treaty to come into force across the EU will be delayed.

24.04.2008 Denmark tenth country to sign off on Lisbon Treaty, EUobserver.com

Denmark's parliament on Thursday ratified the EU's new treaty, just a day after Portuguese MPs gave their approval to the document. Meanwhile, the lower house of the German parliament has also passed the so-called Lisbon treaty.

23.04.2008 MPs seek to make concerted use of new powers under EU treaty, EUobserver.com

Dutch MPs are seeking to raise awareness of the extra powers that national parliamentarians will have under the bloc's new treaty to influence EU legislation and are proposing a practical system to ensure that MPs take advantage of it.

23.04.2008 MEPs send mixed message on transparency, EUobserver.com

The EU ombudsman is one step closer to gaining full access to documents held by EU institutions after MEPs adopted a report boosting his powers. However, in a separate vote deputies were against making auditors' reports immediately public and refused to shine a light on the parliament's voluntary pension fund.

22.04.2008 MEPs to use budget power over EU president perks, EUobserver.com

Members of the European Parliament are prepared to use their hold over the bloc's purse-strings to try and make sure that the proposed new EU president does not wield too much power.

18.04.2008 Irish farmers link EU treaty vote with trade talks, EUobserver.com

Irish farmers were out in force on the streets of Dublin on Thursday to protest against forthcoming world trade talks in Switzerland and warn the government that the nature of the trade deal would affect how the group votes on the EU treaty in June.

16.04.2008 After Merkel, EU's Barroso off to Ireland to sell treaty, EUbusiness.com

EU Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso was set to head to Ireland Thursday, following similar trips by Angela Merkel and other European worthies to extol the virtues of the bloc's reforming Lisbon Treaty.

14.04.2008 Less than third of Irish plan to vote for EU treaty: poll, EUbusiness.com

Less than a third of Irish people plan to vote for the new European Union treaty in a crunch June 12 referendum, although the vast majority remain undecided, a new poll showed Monday.

08.04.2008 Over 100,000 signatures in Austria for referendum on EU treaty, EUbusiness.com

A group called "Save Austria" said Tuesday it had gathered 103,313 signatures demanding an Austrian referendum on the new EU treaty, aimed at streamlining European operations and institutions.


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