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European research project Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (RECON) (HTML)


New Analysis

Hagemann, S.; De Clerck-Sachsse, J. (2007), Decision-making in the Enlarged Council of Ministers: Evaluating the Facts, Centre for European Policy Studies, Policy brief, No. 119. (PDF)

Koopman, M. (2007), Pacemaker Instead of European Saviour: Germany's EU Presidency, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI 6/2007, 19.01.2007. (PDF)

Hughes, K.; Torreblanca, J.I. (2007), Chance for a Real Debate on the EU´s Constitution, blogeuropa.eu, 24.01.2007. (HTML)

European Policy Centre (2007), State of the Union debate, event report, 25.01.2007. (HTML)

European Commission (2006), Statistical portrait of the European Union 2007: 50 years of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. (PDF)

Dutch Institute for Public Opinion and Market Research (2007), Nederlanders open voor nieuw Europees verdrag, survey, 17.01.2007. (Word) (Dutch)

Herzog, R.; Gerken, L. (2007), Ein Beitrag zur EU-Verfassung, Centrum für Europäische Politik, Die Welt.de, 14.01.2007. (German) (PDF)

Klipp, K.; Goergen, P. (2006), Don’t count on Father Christmas to put the Constitution under the christmas tree!, Assembly of European Regions (AER), 22.12.2006. (Word)

Barysch, K. (2007), What to expect from the German presidency, CER briefing note, January 2007. (PDF)

New Documents

Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007), Final Declaration, Ministerial Meeting of Friends of the Constitution “For a Better Europe”, Madrid, 26.01.2007. (Word)

Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007), Reunión de Amigos del Tratado Constitucional "Por una Europa mejor", (Spanish) (HTML)

Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre des Affaires étrangères et de l’Immigration du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Jean Asselborn; Ministre des Affaires étrangères et de la Coopération du Royaume d’Espagne Miguel Ángel Moratinos (2007), L’Europe que nous voulons, 17.01.2007. (French) (PDF)

European Parliament (2007), Debate on the Programme of the German presidency, 17.01.2007. (HTML)

Ségolène, R. (2007), Rencontre avec Jean-Claude Juncker, 17.01.2007. (HTML)

European Parliament (2007), MEPs debate German Presidency with Chancellor Merkel, REF.: 20070117IPR02173, 17.01.2007. (HTML)

Chancellor Merkel, A. (2007), Presentation of the Presidency Programme, European Parliament, Strassbourg, 17.01.2007. (HTML)

Council of the EU (2006), 18-month Programme of the German, Portuguese and Slovenian Presidencies, 17079/06, 21.12.2006. (PDF)

German Bundesregierung (2006), Europe - succeeding together, Presidency Programme, 1 January to 30 June 2007. (PDF)

German foreign minister Steinmeier (2006), Speech at a press conference on the German EU Presidency, Brussel, 19.12.2006. (German) (HTML)

Giscard d'Estaing, V. (2006), Peut-on créer un patriotisme européen?, speech at the Humboldt University, Berlin, 09.11.2006. (French) (PDF)



01.02.2007 EU divisions on constitution grow, EUobserver.com

Despite Germany's efforts to conduct negotiations on the EU constitution discreetly, the rifts between member states are already abundantly clear with the UK and the Czech Republic already setting out their red lines, Spain looking to put more into the text, and the French presidential contenders bringing the topic into their pre-election campaigning.

30.01.2007 Prague faces head-on clash with pro-EU constitution camp, EUobserver.com

The Czech Republic has emerged as a key opponent of the German EU presidency's plan to revive the European constitution, with its newly appointed negotiator Jan Zahradil telling EUobserver that Prague seeks to curb EU powers and re-open core parts of the charter.

29.01.2007 Prague and Warsaw brief Merkel on EU charter plans, EUobserver.com

Prague will press for a substantially revised EU constitution that is easier to understand and takes "smaller steps" on integration and Warsaw's proposal will better reflect EU reality than the existing draft charter, German chancellor Angela Merkel learned over the weekend.

26.01.2007 Friends of EU constitution defend treaty's 'fundamental content', EUobserver.com

A pro-EU constitution gathering in Madrid has called for a revised version of the charter to not go "below" the existing compromise, while expressing "frustration" at the lack of alternative solutions put forward by countries that have failed to ratify it.

26.01.2007 Spain pushes for extended EU constitution, EUobserver.com

In a speech to open the 'Friends of EU constitution' meeting in Madrid, Spain's foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos argued that any revised treaty should be extended to include more European objectives rather than pared down to just institutional reforms. But most delegations rejected substantial changes in the constitution.

25.01.2007 Pro-EU constitution states discuss tactics, EUobserver.com

The 18 member states that have already ratified the EU constitution are gathering to discuss how to swing the political debate around to their side, with the nine countries who have stopped the raitification process continuing to steal the political limelight.

25.01.2007 Berlin lays down tight negotiation timetable for constitution, EUobserver.com

Germany has laid out a detailed timetable for negotiations on the EU constitution, asking that member states appoint two experts for the confidential negotiations and saying that the European Parliament may also appoint "a close collaborator" of its president.

23.01.2007 Germany warns MEPs not to 'compete' on EU constitution, EUobserver.com

MEPs will not have any major role in the EU's constitution revival project Germany's foreign minister has said, warning deputies not pick fights with national governments over who serves Europe better or overshadow Berlin's efforts to revive the EU charter.

23.01.2007 Luxembourg calls off EU constitution conference, EUoberver.com

Luxembourg has called off a planned February meeting on the EU constitution in order to avoid the "impression" of working against the German EU presidency, while this week's "friends of the constitution" meeting in Madrid continues to stir controversy.

22.01.2007 Ireland to 'keep critical eye' on any constitution changes, EUoberver.com

Ireland is keeping a watchful eye on any possible changes to the European Constitution, calling on member states to maintain the "balance of the entire package." It will also have a referendum whatever the outcome of the talks, the country's Europe minister told EUobserver.

22.01.2007 Commissioner criticises Berlin's constitutional revival method, EUoberver.com

EU communications commissioner Margot Wallström has voiced concern at plans by the German presidency to only involve governments in the revived talks on the bloc's constitution, saying citizens should be "engaged" in the constitutional discussion.

19.01.2007 Dutch open to new-style EU constitution, poll shows, EUoberver.com

Dutch voters are increasingly open to the idea of a revised version of the EU constitution, but would still reject the current text of the charter, according to a fresh poll.

18.01.2007 UK begins offensive against full-blown EU constitution, EUoberver.com

The UK has already begun its offensive against a full-blown version of the EU constitution in direct response to a call yesterday by Germany to put the talks back on track.

18.01.2007 France's Royal wants new EU constitution referendum, EUoberver.com

Segolene Royal, the socialist candidate to become France's next president, has said she is in favour of holding a new referendum on a revised EU constitution in 2009, proposing to make the treaty more attractive to the French by attaching a social declaration.

17.01.2007 No big debates or referendums on EU constitution, says Merkel, EUobserver.com

German chancellor Angela Merkel has told MEPs she does not intend to re-launch a broad debate on the revised EU constitution but rather focus on confidential talks with national governments, with the aim of having a commonly agreed treaty adopted by 2009.


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