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please find attached this monthly issue of "The European Constitution newsletter" your online-review of recent published working papers, documents and other material of interest concerning the constitutional process compiled by the PhD Programme: European Union of the University of Zaragoza. The summary also contains material which has been uploaded regarding former steps in this process and references to articles published in specialized journals, for reasons of publisher rights we are not able to provide access to the full text.
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New Analysis

Metz, A.; Notz, K. (2006), So klingt Europa. Eine Bilanz des österreichischen EU-Vorsitzes im ersten Halbjahr 2006, C·A·P Analyse 3, 2006. (German) (PDF)

Federal Trust (2006), European Newsletter, July/ August 2006.
Donnelly, B., Where next for the Constitutional Treaty?
Bishop, G., The political implications flowing from consolidated supervision of financial institutions
Wagner, M., The Long Goodbye: the Conservatives and the EPP-ED
Cruz, J. CFSP: A European Rapid Reaction Force in Lebanon?
Wagner, M., The EU and the Constitutional Treaty: still reflecting?

Della Porta, D. (2006), Social Movements and the European Union: Eurosceptics or Critical Europeanists?, Notre Europe, Policy paper N°22. (PDF)

Wagner, M. (2006), National Parliaments and Democratic Control in the EU, The Federal Trust, European Policy Brief, Issue 29, July 2006. (PDF)

ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG, Rundbrief zum Deutsch-Französische Dialog (DFD) zur Zukunftsfähigkeit Europas „Welches Europa soll es sein – neue Leitbilder für die EU?“, Juli 2006. (PDF) (German)

Wessels, W. (2006), Wohin steuert die Europäische Union? - (Aus-)Wege aus der Verfassungsfalle, C·A·P-Kolloquium, 12.07.2006. (German) (HTML)

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Dinan, D.(2006), Governance and Institutional Developments: In the Shadow of the Constitutional Treaty, Journal of Common Market Studies, September 2006, Vol. 44, Issue 1.

New Documents

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Secretaría de Estado para las Comunidades Europeas, La Conferencia Intergubernamental de 1996. Bases para una reflexión, Madrid, 1995. (PDF) (Spanish)

House of Commons, Foreign Affairs Committee (2006), Developments in the European Union, Sixth Report of Session 2005–06, Report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence, 26.07.2006. (PDF)

House of Commons, IGC 2000: Enhanced Co-operation, Research Paper, 21.11.2000.

House of Commons, IGC 2000: from Feira to Biarritz, Research Paper, 27.10.2000.

House of Commons, Intergovernmental Conference 2000: the main agenda, Research Paper, 19.04.2000.


New Links

Globaldebates (HTML)

Union of European Federalists, XXI. European Congress, 30 June-2 July 2006.

The "Reflection Period"



29.08.2006 EU needs constitution with Christian reference, Merkel says, EUobserver.com

German chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested Europe needs a constitution that makes reference to Christianity and God following her audience with Pope Benedict XVI on Monday (29 August).

29.08.2006 French minister warns EU project risks 'collapse', EUbusiness.com

France's European affairs minister warned on Tuesday that the construction of the European Union was at risk of collapse, two years after its big bang expansion to 25 members.

28.07.2006 UK should help kill off EU constitution, MPs say, EUobserver.com

A group of cross-party British parliamentarians have urged their government to end the "paralysis" surrounding the EU constitution by encouraging other states to bin the document.

14.08.2006 Austrian far-rightist proposes referendum to withdraw from EU, EUbusiness.com

Joerg Haider, the former strongman of Austria's extreme right, Monday proposed a referendum to ask Austrians, who are largely unhappy with the euro and the European Union, whether they wish to stay in the EU.

19.07.2006 New Polish PM wants bigger role, 'moral sovereignty' in EU, EUbusiness.com

Poland's new Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski Wednesday promised to push for a bigger role in European Union decision-making, while vowing to defend traditional Polish moral values in the bloc.


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