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The Simplified Treaty - Preparation

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The Portuguese Presidency (HTML)

Tomorrow’s Europe (HTML)

New Analysis

European Policy Centre (2007), Report of the Tenth Anniversary Conference debate on the State of the Union. (HTML)

Brady, H. (2007), Hurrah for an end to EU navel gazing, CER briefing note, June 2007. (PDF)

Rihácková, V.; von Seydlitz, C. (2007), Václav Klaus and the Constitutional Treaty – Czech Euroscepsis or Eurorealism?, EUROPEUM, Prague, June 2007. (PDF)

Gros, D.; Micossi, S. (2007), The new deal, a good deal?, CEPS Commentary, 25.06.2007. (PDF)

Torreblanca, J.I. (2007), Europa vuelve a funcionar, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI Nº 70/2007, 25.06.2007. (Spanish) (PDF)

Gros, D.; Kurpas, S.; Widgren, M: (2007), Weighting votes in the Council: Towards a ‘Warsaw compromise’?, CEPS Commentary, 20.06.2007. (PDF)

Kaczynski, M. (2007), Poland and Voting in the Council, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI 66/2007. (PDF)

European Commission (2007), Standard Eurobarometer 67, First Results, Fieldwork: April - May 2007. (PDF)

Barcz, J.; Swieboda, P. (2007), Opinion on the formula of making decisions in the Council of the European Union by qualified majority, demosEUROPA, Warsaw, 06/2007. (PDF)

Quermonne, J. L. (2007), The opportunities and risks of an institutional relaunch of the EU, Notre Europe, Policy paper, 19.06.2007. (French) (PDF)

Cox, P. (2007), Citizens challenge the EU political leaders. A new design for better results!, Statement of the European Movement International, 12.06.2007. (PDF)

European Policy Centre (2007), Priorities of the Portuguese Presidency, Event Report, 12.06.2007. (HTML)

Emmanouilidis, J. (2007), Withdrawal or Creation of a New Union – A Way Out of the EU's Constitutional Dilemma?, Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik, spotlight europe, 2007/02. (PDF)

Hierlemann, D.; Seeger, S. (2007), Who wants what and why? FAQs about the EU Constitutional Summit, Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik, spotlight europe, 2007-03. (PDF)

European Policy Centre (2007), Why speed must not be the only measure of success in the summit treaty talks, Commentary, 11.06.2007. (HTML)

Ricard-Nihoul, G. (2007), Constitutional treaty: A test of political will, Notre Europe, Éditorial, 07.06.2007. (HTML)

Ricard-Nihoul, G. (2007), The Constitutional Treaty and the June Summit: A way forward?, Les Brefs de Notre Europe, 2007/07. (PDF)

Moberg, A. (2007), Is the double majority really double? The second round in the debate of the voting rules in the EU Constitutional Treaty, Real Instituto Elcano, WP 23/2007. (PDF)

Action Committee for European Democracy - ACED, 04.06.2007:

  A New Treaty and Supplementary Protocols: Explanatory Memorandum
  Annexe 1 - Modèle de nouveau Traité

Annexe 2 - Protocoles supplémentaires

  Annexe 2A - Protocole sur le fonctionnement de l'Union européenne
  Annexe 2B - Protocole sur le développement des politiques de l'Union face aux défis du XXIe siècle

Annexe 2C - Dispositions non reprises de la Partie III du Traité

New Documents

Portuguese Presidency (2007), “A stronger Union for a better World”, priorities of the Presidency. (PDF)

German EU Presidency (2007), Presidency Conclusions, Brussels European Council 21/22 June 2007, 11177/07, 23.06.2007. (PDF)

German EU Presidency (2007), Draft IGC Mandate, Brussels, 19.06.2007. (PDF)

German EU Presidency (2007), Pursuing the treaty reform process, Brussels, 10659/07, 14.06.2007. (PDF)

Spanish - French proposal (2007), Outline of a possible Treaty Reform, 14.06.2007. (PDF)

German Bundestag (2007), Regierungserklärung und Bundestagsdebatte zum Europäischen Rat am 21./22. Juni 2007, 14.06.2007. (German) (PDF)

European Parliament (2007), Debated a report on the roadmap for the European Union's constitutional process, 07.06.2007. (HTML)




28.06.2007 Portugal warns against re-opening of EU treaty compromise, EUobserver.com

The incoming Portuguese EU presidency has called on member states not to unravel a carefully worked out compromise on a new look treaty for the bloc, amid signs that some capitals have reservations about what they agreed last weekend.

27.06.2007 Experts question scope of UK treaty opt-out, EUobserver.com

Doubts are emerging on the value of a key concession secured by the UK at last weekend's EU treaty talks - London's opt out from the bloc's rights charter - with experts questioning whether the UK is now fully exempt from the charter's legal effects.

25.06.2007 Portugal hopes for October EU treaty finale, EUobserver.com

Portugal has set aside just three months of formal negotiations on a new EU treaty planning to have a new text agreed by mid-October. Meanwhile, MEPs are preparing their formal response to EU leaders with some deputies saying the new treaty will lead to a two-speed Europe.

23.06.2007 EU leaders scrape treaty deal at 11th hour, EUobserver.com

After a marathon round of talks, the EU has finally agreed the outline of a new treaty for the bloc with formal intergovernmental negotiations to start on 23 July.

23.06.2007 [Comment] Behind the muddied language the dread 'R' word looms, EUobserver.com

Mrs Merkel is to be congratulated on securing agreement to a framework for a new treaty to reform how Europe works. But the denial of its constitutional significance and the complacent way in which the framework document views European citizens suggests that ratification may not be wholly easy, writes Peter Sain ley Berry.

22.06.2007 Poland 'not optimistic' after late night talks, EUobserver.com

Polish president Lech Kaczynski said he is "not an optimist" after late night talks with Germany, France and Lithuania on getting Warsaw to back down on its unpopular plan to change EU voting weights.

22.06.2007 Germany threatens to call treaty conference over Poland's head, EUobserver.com

German chancellor Angela Merkel has threatened to call an intergovernmental conference without Poland after Warsaw forcefully rejected a Franco-German compromise package on EU voting weights.

21.06.2007 The revised EU constitution explained, EUobserver.com

EU leaders are meeting to discuss the outline of a new treaty for the bloc. See the explanations of the terms likely to feature in their talks.

21.06.2007 British guns blazing as EU summit opens, EUobserver.com

British prime minister Tony Blair walked into the EU summit on Thursday saying he must see "significant changes" in the draft EU treaty if there is to be a deal. The Polish president said nothing, amid speculation on the kind of compromise package Warsaw might accept.

20.06.2007 EU treaty blueprint sets stage for bitter negotiations, EUobserver.com

The German presidency has circulated a 11-page document outlining the issues it suggests need negotiating in an intergovernmental conference on a new treaty - but the list which includes foreign policy, the role of national parliaments, and citizens rights looks set to give rise to lengthy and bitter negotiations.

18.06.2007 Four concessions needed to avoid EU treaty referendum, says Blair, EUobserver.com

British prime minister Tony Blair has said that if London manages to get its way in four areas during the upcoming summit on a new treaty for the EU then there will be no need for the country to have referendum on the resulting document.

14.06.2007 Giscard calls on EU leaders to be honest on new treaty, EUobserver.com

The architect of the draft EU constitution has called on national governments to be honest about what they are trying to achieve with negotiations on a new-look treaty for the bloc and not deceive EU citizens.

06.06.2007 [Comment] There is too much hyperbole over the EU consitutional treaty, EUobserver.com

The Constitutional Treaty deals with the EU's most pressing institutional issues in a straightforward and pragmatic way. It is not a "radical new departure" or a "revolutionary change" as some insist, argues UK Labour MEP Richard Corbett.



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