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New Analysis

Kurpas, S.; Micossi, M. (2007), Will the European Council end the institutional deadlock in the EU? The Narrow Trail to an Agreement, CEPS Policy Briefs, May 2007. (PDF)

Esparza, D.; Mestankova, P. (2007), Los checos frente a la crisis europea, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI Nº 60/2007, 29/05/2007. (Spanish) (PDF)

Thalmaier, B. (2007), Lösung oder Illusion? Die Reform des Verfahrens zur Änderung des europäischen Primärrechts, C·A·P Analyse 3, 29.05.2007. (German) (PDF)

Friends of Europe (2007), Road-map to a new treaty: Europe's future - where to now?, Discussion paper, Brussels, May 2007. (PDF)

Pernice, I. (2007), Neuer Anlauf im Prozess der Verfassung Europas, WHI Paper, 02/2007. (German) (PDF)

Hagemann, S.; Missiroli, A. (2007), Debating the Constitution: between realism and revival, EPC, Policy Brief, 23.05.2007. (PDF)

Brady, H.; Grant,C. (2007), Why treaty change matters for business and for Britain, CER, policy brief, May 2007. (PDF)

Bertrand, M. ; Popovic, P.; Presova, D. (2007) (eds.), Reconstructing Europe: Two Alternative Proposals for a European Constitution, Discusssion Paper; Band/Jg. C 171, Center for European Integration Studies, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. (PDF)

Leinen, J. (2007), Proposal for a solution of the constitutional crisis, in cooperation with Roland Bieber und Francesco Maiani, May 2007. (PDF)

Kühnhardt, L. (2007), Europa neu begründen, Discusssion Paper; Band/Jg. C 167, Center for European Integration Studies, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. (German) (PDF)

Petschen, S. (2007), Crisis constitucional, Declaración de Berlín y espíritu europeo, Real Instituto Elcano, ARI Nº 50/2007. (PDF)

Emmanouilidis, J. A. (2007), The End of Perplexity: the Future of the EU’s Constitutional Process, CAP Working paper, May 2007. (PDF)

Martín y Pérez de Nanclares, J. (2007), Solutions to the Current Constitutional Impasse in the European Union: the Reduced Treaty Option, Real Instituto Elcano, WP 16/2007. (PDF)


New Documents

Pöttering, Hans-Gert, (2007), Vor dem Juni-Gipfel 2007: Was wird aus der Verfassung für Europa?, Rede an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 14.05.2007. (German) (PDF)

European Parliament (2007), Debate with PM Jan Peter Balkenende, 23.05.2007. (HTML)

European Parliament (2007), Debate with PM Prodi, 22.05.2007. (HTML)

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Steinmeier, Frank-Walter (2007), Speech on the occasion of the WDR Europe Forum, Berlin, 09.05.2007. (HTML)

Barón Crespo, E.; Brok, E. (2007), Report on the roadmap for the Union's Constitutional Process, Committee on Constitutional Affairs, A6-0197/2007. (PDF)

PM Romano Prodi, speech on European integration, Portuguese Parliament, 2.05.2007. (Italian) (HTML)




30.05.2007 Poland fights to keep 'high-ranking' status in EU, EUobserver.com

With just three weeks before a decisive EU summit on ending the two-year constitutional deadlock, Poland is sticking to three demands – a new voting system, a clear list of exclusive national competencies and an energy solidarity clause - to be part of the deal.

29.05.2007 Merkel promises 'fair' solution on EU constitution, EUobserver.com

German chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to look for a "fair" compromise at the crucial EU leaders summit in three week's time. Meanwhile, Italy and France have agreed that the EU institutions need to be strengthened as part of any new treaty.

24.05.2007 EU looks to July negotiations on treaty, EUobserver.com

Intergovernmental negotiations to shape the final look of the new EU treaty could start as early as July, according to European commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, who sees growing consensus for a simplified treaty.

23.05.2007 Netherlands keen to curb EU powers in new treaty, EUobserver.com

Dutch prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende has set out his country's position on the new EU treaty, saying it should drop the word "constitution," give a bigger say to national parliaments, set clear limits to EU powers and more precise enlargement criteria.

23.05.2007 All eyes on Sarkozy during first Brussels visit, EUobserver.com

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is to travel to Brussels today to discuss France's vision on the future of the bloc - EU officials will be keen to hear whether he is still promoting the ideas outlined in a key speech in the EU capital last September, while Turkey will be listening to see what he says about its membership bid.

22.05.2007 Two-speed Europe would solve constitution deadlock, Prodi says, EUobserver.com

In the run up to the decisive EU summit on finding a way out of the constitutional impasse, the pro-European camp has started to sound the drum, with Italy's prime minister calling to "preserve as much as possible" of the draft EU treaty.

16.05.2007 UK offered justice veto in EU treaty talks, EUobserver.com

The German EU presidency is considering to let the UK keep its national veto on EU justice matters in a revised EU constitution, but the new British leadership has listed other red lines seen as unaccepable for Berlin.

15.05.2007 Merkel gives up on God in EU treaty, EUobserver.com

German chancellor and Christian Democrat Angela Merkel has voiced regret there will be no reference to Christian roots in the revised EU treaty, amid controversial remarks about damage to churches in Turkish Cyprus at a meeting of religious VIPs in Brussels.

09.05.2007 Prague seeks get-out clause for EU laws in new treaty, EUobserver.com

The Czech Republic wants a new EU treaty to include a clause allowing groups of EU states to opt out of Brussels legislation, in a plan set to re-ignite the debate on a two-speed Europe.


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