The Erwin Felix Bertaut Prize of the European Crystallograpic and Neutron Scattering Associations

The European Crystallographic Association (ECA) and the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) announce the creation of a prize in honour of the late Erwin Felix Lewy Bertaut, in memory of his scientific achievements which are cornerstones in both crystallography and neutron scattering.

The prize is awarded to a young European scientist (up to 5-8 years after finishing the PhD-thesis) in recognition of notable experimental theoretical or methodological contributions in the field of investigation of matter using crystallographic or neutron scattering methods.

The nominations for the prize will be examined by a Selection Committee. ECA and ENSA will agree on the composition of a Selection committee for the evaluation of the quality the candidates and the recipient of the prize. Membership in the Selection Committee is obtained by invitation extended jointly by ECA and ENSA executives, with a delegate of each executive representing the associations. The Selection Committee is chaired by the representative of the association that organizes the prize ceremony for a specific year. The prize ceremony is organized at European conferences organized by ECA or ENSA. The two associations will decide on an alternate timing of the venue of the prize ceremony and organize the call for nominations according to their respective schedules of conferences.

The first prize was awarded at the European Conference for Neutron Scattering in Lund, Sweden June 25-29, 2007.


Rønnow - 2007 Palatinus - 2009 Fennell - 2010 Rüegg - 2011Pavel - 2012

From left to right Rønnow (2007), Palatinus(2009), Fennell(2010), Rüegg(2011), Pavel(2012), Chang (2013), Schirò (2015), Reinhard (2016).

The amount of the prize is 2000 euros. ECA and ENSA aim to equal contribution towards the financing of the prize through donations, sponsors etc. A dedicated fund has been established to maintain the prize on long term.