Advanced Instrumentation Platforms


Advanced processing technologies for Micro- and nanostructuring molecular magnets

The knowledge base provided by ADVANPROCESS affords facilities and transferable expertise in the preparation of molecular materials with potential areas of apllication such as thin film sensors, molecular electronics, data storage, nanomedicines, molecular detectors, molecular ligth emiting diodes, spintroc devices, etc... 








Addressing Microscopic Nanoparticles for Theranostics

Nano 41+MT is a world class instrumentation platform comprising of unique instruments for evaluating the performance of bioferrofluids in Theranostics and the related physics behind. Spin-spin and spin-lattice relaxivities, R1 and R2, are the keyparametres for a high MRI contrast efficiency. They can be measured with high precision to determine the structural features that yield the best MRI performance.

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Magnetometry for single nanomagnets

NanoMagn is a world class instrumentation platform developing small and higlhy sensitive magnetometers to detect extremely small magnetic flux. The Platform includes Hall probes based on semiconducting structures, the magnenometer SQUID and a worldwide unique equipment, the microSQUID magnetometer, which is 1010 times more sensitive than a conventional SQUID. 

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Single molecule local probe spectroscopies

SINGLEMO is a world class instrumentation platform comprising unique STM instruments dedicated to the investigation of single molecules by local probe spectroscopies. 

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