Advanced processing technologies for Micro- and nanostructuring molecular magnets

The knowledge base provided by ADVANPROCESS affords facilities and transferable expertise in the preparation of molecular materials with potential areas of apllication such as thin film sensors, molecular electronics, data storage, nanomedicines, molecular detectors, molecular ligth emiting diodes, spintroc devices, etc... 





The service counts with experienced researches and unique instrumentation and processing facilities for the preparation and characterization of molecular materials as films, micro- and nano-structured surfaces, nanowires, micro- and nanoparticles.

ADVANPROCESS is a world class instrumentation platform with a main objective: the development and application of innovative new low coast processing technologies, robust and easy to scale-up, for the preparation of molecular magnets with controlled micro- and nanostructure. The platform endeavours to contribute to bring molecular magnets to different industrial sectors such as chemical, electronics, automotive,communications, pharmaceutical and medical.

Finally, ADVANPROCESS joins together expertise in molecular syntesis, material processing and nanostructuring, and molecular magnets physico-chemical characterization. 

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Dr Nora Ventosa, ADVANPROCESS platform Coordinator
CSIC, ICMAB - Institut de Ciències de Materials de Barcelona
Departament de Nanociència Molecular i Materials Orgànics
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