The pages of the website have been designed and revised according to the guidelines defined in the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0” document, created by the work team WAI who belong to the W3C.

The aim of these guidelines is to facilitate the access to the information offered through the Internet to everybody. Among the principal means are the following:


All pages have been validated as HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.0.


All images contain a brief description using the tab alt.


All links contain a description using the tab title.

Size of text


The sources used have relative dimensions which allow the user to control the size with his navigator.


The website allows coherent navigation maintaining the same structure in all its pages. This structure is composed of:

    * A horizontal navigation bar in the upper part of the pages with the links to the principal menu of the website.
    * A vertical navigation menu, located on the right margin to access the secondary sections of each menu, print and enlarge/reduce the size of the text.
    * Another horizontal navigation bar at the lower part of the pages, to access the sections on-line resources, web maps, legal notice, privacy policy, accessibility and contact.
    * A central area showing the contents of the web site itself.


This webpage uses layers and Cascading Style Sheets for the usual design of the pages. Thus the content is independent from the presentation and the users who want it can navigate through the information without having to unload the Style Sheets to their navigator.

Level of Accessibility

The site ha sido validado con las herramientas TAW y W3C Markup Validation Service (Servicio de Validación del W3C).
The accessibility level reached is double A (AA) plus a few triple A’s (AAA) norms.

The following icons certify that the website design complies with the accessibility requirements as mentioned.

According to the 3WC specifications for HTML 4.01 language.
CSS válidas.

According to syntax specified by 3WC for CSS 2.0 style sheets.
CSS válidas.

According to the Accessibility guidelines for the web 1.0 content with level double A, according to WAI.
CSS válidas.

If a user finds any navigating problems in accessing contents, or detects a failure anywhere in the WAI guidelines please advice as soon as possible to this e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it