European Doctorate in Molecular Magnetism

PhD candidates with an interest in Molecular magnetism, can apply for a E.I.M.M Doctorate Diploma, with the following main conditions:Doctorate

The diploma is always given in conjunction with the local PhD. The local university should have signed a bilateral agreement with the E.I.M.M, stating that the courses organized by the E.I.M.M are accepted in the curriculum.

In addition:

  • The thesis subject should be on a E.I.M.M connected topic.
  • A training stay must be followed elsewhere from the starting laboratory in a node of the E.I.M.M with a duration of at least 10 weeks.
  • The students have to study certain courses from the E.I.M.M course package, according to his/her career development plan.
  • At least one jury member from another E.I.M.M node has to be present at the defence (or write an evaluation report).
  • The PhD thesis has to be written in English, or - when not allowed by national regulations - should have an extended summary in English.
More information regarding the list of research topics or courses available can be found below

Alternatively further information can be obtained from the doctorate office, c/o prof. Marco Affronte, University Modena, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it