Structure Determination (SD)


The SDIL has at its disposal many X-ray diffractometers, based on different type of generators (conventional or rotating anode), detectors (point, CCD area, …), diffraction geometries and external environment including temperature, providing always the most suitable conditions to analyse the different samples. 

MAGMANet Nodes Involved: CSIC, UVEG, ITN



  • Determination of crystalline and molecular structures from single crystals using X-ray diffraction
  • High resolution x-ray powder diffraction
  • Determination of shape and size in thin films by Grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering



Knowledge & Expertise

The Structure Determination Laboratory counts with experienced researchers which have expertise in a large variety of X-ray diffraction techniques for structure determination and analysis of crystalline materials, either as single crystals, powders or films, and subject to a wide range of external conditions such as variable temperature, light irradiation, etc.

Associated with the different instruments and data collection techniques there is also in this laboratory specialised know-how in molecular structure analysis. This laboratory is thus able to provide information on crystal and molecular structure, essential to almost all research activity involving molecular materials in different field of applications.

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