Single molecule local probe spectroscopies

SINGLEMO is a world class instrumentation platform comprising unique STM instruments dedicated to the investigation of single molecules by local probe spectroscopies. 

The underlying technologies combine the unrivaled spatial resolution of STM with peculiar spectroscopic tools for atomic and molecular recognition for atomic and molecular recognition based on the electric and magnetic properties of the investigated materials.

SINGLEMO joins together expertise in the use and development of high-tech instrumentation with the ability of preparing and characterizing functionalized organic and inorganic magnetic molecules and molecular magnetic ultra-thin films. Besides providing the ultimate level of single molecule characterization, the expertise inside SINGLEMO is available for the surface analysis and quality control of industrial products like DVDs, Hard Disks, nanporticles, microchips, etc. using Atomic Force Microscopy and Magnetic Force Microscopy.

SINGLEMO offers advanced instrumentation for surface analysis atvariable-temperature, as required for investigating superconductor bandgaps, for resolving the chemical kinetics of heterogeneous catalysts atthe atomic level, etc.

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Jean-Pierre BUCHER, SINGLEMO platform Coordinator
Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux UMR 7504 CNRS-Université Louis Pasteur
23 rue du Loess, BP 43
67034 STRASBOURG Cedex 2
Tel 03 88 10 70 96 (office)
Tel 03 88 10 70 36 (lab)
Fax 03 88 10 72 46
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