Magnetometry for single nanomagnets

NanoMagn is a world class instrumentation platform developing small and higlhy sensitive magnetometers to detect extremely small magnetic flux. The Platform includes Hall probes based on semiconducting structures, the magnenometer SQUID and a worldwide unique equipment, the microSQUID magnetometer, which is 1010 times more sensitive than a conventional SQUID. 

NanoMagn also offers experience and facilities for fabrication of nano-sensors made of different materials, design and realization of setup for special applications, magnetic measurements in special conditions and a unique micro-SQUID and micro-Hall-probe facilities allowing the study of single crystals (1 to 500 micrometres) of magnetic materials.

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Prof. Marco Affronte, NanoMagn platform Coordinator
CNR-INFM, Instituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia
S3 National Research Centre of Nanostructures and BioSystemes Surfaces
Via G. Campi 213A, I-41100 Modena, ITALY
Tel: +39-059-2055327
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