European Award for Doctoral Thesis on Molecular Magnetism
The winners of the "European Award on Molecular Magnetism Doctoral Thesis", ADocMolMag, have been selected by the jury lead by Prof. Richard E.P. Winpenny, University of Manchester, UK,  and Educational Director of EIMM and composed by three renowned scientists (Prof. Laura Catala, Université de Paris Sud, France, ICMCM-CNRS, Pessac, France, Prof. Marius Andruh, University of Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Fernando Luis, ICMA-CSIC Zaragoza, Spain).
The winners are: 
Dr. Abhishake Mondal, Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP), UPR CNRS 8641,Equipe "Matériaux Moléculaires & Magnétisme", Pessac, France.
Dr.  Joseph Zadrozny, Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry - Technological Institute, Evanston, IL, U.S.A.
They will be awarded at the Bordeaux Olivier Kahn Discussions (BOOK-D) symposium (, that will take place at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (Pessac, France) on May 26-28, 2016.
The winners will receive the diploma and the support toward the attendance of the European Conference on Molecular Magnetism in Bucharest (September 2017), or the European School in Molecular Nanoscience, EsMolNA (2016 or 2017 edition) or the International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets 2016, in Sendai.  
This third edition of the awards follows the first one presented at the International Congress of Molecular Magnetism, ICMM 2008, held in Firenze, Italy, September 2008, where the award was given to Dr. Kevin Bernot (University of Firenze and University of Rennes), Dr Luminita Toma (University of Valencia and University of Groningen) and Dr. Theocharis Stamatatos (University of Florida) and the second edition presented at MolMat 2010 in Montpellier, France, where Alessandro Prescimone (University of Edinburgh), Angelika Boeer (University of Manchester) and Francesco Pineider (University of Firenze) were awarded.
In a short time it will be launched the IV edition of the award