Severo Ochoa Programme Post-doctoral Researchers

Functional graphene-like MOFs by scalable delamination processes

We would like to announce the availability of a postdoctoral position to work on functional 2-D metal-organic framework materials, starting from January of next year at the "Institut Catalá de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia (ICN2).

Project Description

2-D materials are attracting enormous interest over the last years because their unusual but not least amazing properties. So far several classes of bulk layered materials have been artificially exfoliated to nanosheets by top-down delamination methodologies such as clay minerals, metal oxides or hydroxides, chalcogenides, phosphates and without any doubt one of the most successfully used graphene. Much less attention has been paid though to 2-D Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), which are barely discussed in the literature despite their high potential for applications.

Involved ICN2 Groups

  •     Nanostructured Functional Materials
  •     Nanobiosensors and Bioelectronics
  •     Novel Energy-Oriented Materials
  •     Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices


Candidate's tasks:

The candidate will be responsible for the fabrication of 2-D coordination polymers by fully scalable delamination processes under mild lab conditions. The materials will be selected from previously reported examples in the literature or by the careful design of new complexes, if required, in strong collaboration with the different senior scientists involved. Once the nanostructures are obtained, the candidate will be responsible to ensure proper colloidal solutions with endorsed stabilities and to study the corresponding sensing, optical and conductive properties, both in bulk and as isolated monolayers. Finally, if successful, the candidate will be in charge to explore their possible integration into a device as a deliverable.
Cadidate's profile:

We look for an enthusiastic doctor in chemistry or materials science with strong interest in research and good communication skills. Previous accredited experience in coordination chemistry and its application in Materials Science is mandatory. Participation in research projects involving nanomaterial synthesis and its morphological characterization by different techniques such as AFM, are welcome.
We offer:

  •     Full-time contract as Postdoctoral researcher.
  •     Social benefits: Flexible timetable, Flexible Benefits Package
  •     Scientific excellence, a challenging project, and an innovative work environment.


Starting date:

As soon as a suitable candidate is selected.


For further information:


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