Documents to be submitted

Required documentation


  •  The certificate printed out during the e- enrolment process and signed by you, or a manually-completed pre-enrolment form if you are unable to self enrol.
  •  The Statistical Data Sheet (Model E) should only be completed manually and attached if you are unable to complete it during the e-enrolment procedure.
  • University Student ID Card – apply for one if you did not request one during the last academic year or if yours has expired.
  • If you are entitled to free or reduced enrolment, you must provide documentation evidencing this (consult the Rules on Fees in this guide).

If you are a new student:

  • Photocopy (plus original for verification purposes) of National ID Card or passport.
  •  Photocopy (and original for verification purposes) of the document or certificate evidencing eligibility for access to the University (if accessing via a Vocational Education and Training programme, university degree or similar, the same document presented during pre-inscription).

You will not need to present this documentation if you did during this year’s earlier pre-inscription.


  • If access is via transfer from another university, the receipt evidencing payment of transfer fees at the university of origin.
  • If you are combining studies, the certificate of academic record of the centre where you have been enrolled evidencing completion of all of your first year subjects or 60 credits, except where combined studies are regulated by the Governing Council (Business Admin./Law joint programme).
  • If you applied for a Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sport scholarship in May, the document evidencing that you fulfil the economic requisites for not paying public-rate fees for educational services during the 2008-2009 academic year.
  • If you enrol in any virtual campus subjects shared by the G9 group of universities, the acceptance sheet signed by you granting use of your personal information to G9 (Model G) for the purposes of providing centralised service
  • If you are applying for a scholarship: Completed Scholarship Application Form (see Rules: General Information on Scholarships)


  • If you self enrol online from home or any other location, it is COMPULSORY that you send the required documentation to the Administration Office of the School or College you have been admitted to or are enrolled in.
  • If you self enrol in the specially-prepared user rooms provided by the University, hand your documentation to the support staff there or where indicated by them.