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Publicaciones científicas   2008


  • "Responses of fossil-fuel related, non-fluorescent analytes in planar chromatogtraphy and HPLC-GPC using fluorescence detection by intensity changes".

V. Cebolla, E.M. Galvez, E. Mateos, A. Delgado, M. Matt, L. Mebrado, J. Galbán, J. Vela  (GBA)

American Chemical Society /ACS), Division of Fuel Chemistry, 53(1), 398-399 (2008)


  • "A speciation methodology to study the contributions of humic-like and fulvic-like acids to the mobilization of metals from compost using size exclusion chromatography ultraviolet absorption inductively".

F. Laborda, E. Bolea, M.P. Gorriz, M.P. Martin R., S. Ruiz B., J.R. Castillo  (GEAS)

Analytica Chimica Acta, 606, 1-8, (2008).


  • "Atheoretical approach for designing fluorescent reagentless biosensors: the optical model".

J. Galbán, A. Delgado, V. Sanz, I. Sanz, S. De Marcos  (GBA)

Analytica Chimica Acta, 615, 148-157, (2008).


  • "Uric acid determination using uricase and the autotransducer molecular absorption properties of peroxidase".

V. Sanz, S. De Marcos, J. Galbán  (GBA)

Analytica Chimica Acta, 607, 211-218, (2008).


  • "Some Pitfalls in PAGE-LA-ICP-MS for quantitative elemental speciation on dissolved organic matter and metalomics".

M.S. Jiménez, M.T. Gómez C., L. Rodríguez, L. Martínez, J.R. Castillo  (GEAS)

Analytical and Bionanalytical Chemistry, 393, 699-707, (2008).


  • "Identification and migration of degradation compounds from irradiation of multiayer polyamide 6 films for meat foodstuffs and cheese”.

J.S. Felix, M. Monteiro, J.E. Manzoli, M. Padula, D. Pezo, J. Romero, C. Nerín  (GUIA)

Analytical and Bionanalytical Chemistry, 391, 847-857, (2008).


  • "Lichens biomonitoring as feasible methodology to asses air pollution in natural ecosystems: Combined study of quantitative PAHs analyses and lichen biodiversity in the Pyrenees Mountains".

M. Blasco, C. Domeño, C. Nerín  (GUIA)

Analytical and Bionanalytical Chemistry, 391, 759-771, (2008).


  • "Aroma properties of young Spanish monovarietal white wines: a study using sorting task, list of terms and frequency of citation".

E. Campo, B.V. Do, V. Ferreira, D. Valentin  (LAAE)

Australian Journal of grape and wine research, 14(2), 104-115, (2008).


  • "Amperometric Inmunosensor for Ochratoxin A with gold nanoparticles on screen `rinted electrodes (SPCEs)".

J.C. Vidal, L. Bonel, P. Duato, J.R. Castillo  (GEAS)

Chem. Listy, 102, 153, (2008).


  • "Electrochemical Quartz-Crystal Microbalance Inmunosensors for natural and synthetic Ochratoxin A".

J.C. Vidal, L. Bonel, P. Duato, J.R. Castillo  (GEAS)

Chem. Listy, 102, 153-154, (2008).


  • "A modulated Tyrosinase Enzyme – Bases Biosensor for Application to the Detection of Dichlorvos and Atrazine".

J.C. Vidal, L. Bonel, J.R. Castillo  (GEAS)

Electroanalysis, 20(8), 865-873, (2008).


  • "Pottery Analysis : Chemical".

J. Pérez Arantegui  (GEAS)

Encyclopedia of Archaeology, vol. 3, 1870-1879(ed. Deborah M. Pearsall). Elsevier, Academic Press, New York, (2008).


  • "The development of varietal aroma from non-floral grapes by yeasts of different genera".

P. Hernández O., M. Cersosimo, N. Loscos,  J. Cacho, E. García-Moruno, V. Ferreira (LAEE)

Food Chemistry, 107, 1064-1077, (2008).


  • "Biogenic amine determination in oak barrels. Factors affecting formation".

P. Hernández O., A.C. Lapeña, A. Peña, J. Astrain, C. Baron, I. Pardo, L. Polo. S. Ferrer, J. Cacho, V. Ferreira (LAEE)

Food Research. International, 41, 697-706, (2008).


  • "New cinnamon-based active paper packaging against Rhizopusstolonifer food spoilage".

A. Rodríguez, C. Nerín, R. Batlle  (GUIA)

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56, 6364-6369, (2008).


  • "The chemical characterization of the aroma of dessert and sparkling white wines (Pedro Ximenez, Fino, Sauternes, and Cava) by gas chromatography-olfatometry and chemical quantitative analysis".

E. Campo, J. Cacho, V. Ferreira  (LAAE)

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56, 2477-2484, (2008).


  • "Electrothermal heating for sample introduction in atomic absorption, atomic emission and plasma mass spectrometry – a critical review with focus on solid sampling and slurry analysis".

M. Resano, F. Vanhaeche, G. De Loos-Vollebregt   (MARTE)

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 23, 1450-1475 (2008).


  • "Laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-dynamic reaction cell-mass spectrometry for the determination of lead isotope ratios in ancient glazed ceramics for discriminating purposes".

M. Resano, P. Marzo, J. Pérez A., M.T. Aramendia, C. Cloquet, F. Vanhaeche 

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 23(9), 1182-1191, (2008).


  • "Laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-dynamic reaction cell-mass spectrometry for the determination of platinium group metals and gold in NiS buttons obtained by fire assay of platiniferous ores".

M. Resano, E. García R., F. Vanhaeche   (MARTE)

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 23, 1599-1609, (2008).


  • "Novel strategies for rapid trace element analysis of polyamide by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Dissolution in an organic solvent versus direct solid sampling approaches".  

I. De Schrijver, M.T. Aramendia, M. Resano, A. Dumoulin, F. Vanhaeche   (MARTE)

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 23, 500-507, (2008).


  • "Active single-drop microextraction for the determination of gaseous diisocyanates".

R. Batlle, P. López, C. Nerín, C. Crescenzi  (GUIA)

Journal of Chromatography A, 1185, 155-160, (2008).


  • "Determination of the antioxidant capacity of active food packagings by in situ gas-phase hydroxyl radical generation and high-performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection".

D. Peño, J. Salafranca, C. Nerín  (GUIA)

Journal of Chromatography A, 1178, 126-133, (2008).


  • "Improved solid-phase extraction procedure for the isolation and in-sorbent pentafluobenzyl alkylation of polyfunctional mercaptans. Optimized procedure and analytical applications".

L. Mateo, J. Cacho, V. Ferreira    (LAAE)

Journal of Chromatography A, 1185, 9-18 (2008).


  • "Selective three-phase liquid phase microextraction of acidic compounds from foodstuff simulants".

A. Rodríguez, S. Pedersen-Bjergaard, K.E. Rasmussen, C. Nerín  (GUIA)

Journal of Chromatography A, 1198, 38-44, (2008).


  • "Determination of bile acids in human serum by on-line restricted access material-ultra high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry".

K. Bentayed, R. Batlle, C. Sánchez, C. Nerín, C. Domeño  (GUIA)

Journal of Chromatography B, 869, 1-8, (2008).


  • "2-Methyl-3-(methyldithio)furan: a nex odorant identified in different young red wines from the Canary Islands. Aromatic profile of these varieties".

L. Culleré, A. Escudero, J.P. Pérez-Trujillo, J. Cacho, V. Ferreira (LAAE)

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 21, 708-715, (2008).


  • "Behaviour of a new antioxidant active film versus oxidizable model compounds".

C. Nerín, L. Tovar, J. Salafranca  (GUIA)

Journal of Food Engineering, 84, 313-320, (2008).


  • "Efficiency of whole and skimmed powdered milk for trapping volatile compounds released from plastic containers in high-temperature applications".

P. López, R. Batlle, J. Salafranca, C. Nerín  (GUIA)

Journal of Food Protection, 71, 1889-1897, (2008).


  • "Production of terepphtalic acid from waste poly(ethylene therephtalate) materials".

J. Anwar, M.A. Munavar, Waheed-uz-Zaman, Z. Abbas, J. Anzano

Journal of Polymer Engineering, 28(3), 129-139 (2008).


  • "Analytical study of the behaviour of some ingredients used in lustre ceramic decorations following different recipes".

J. Roqué, J. Molera, G. Cepriá, M. Vendrell-Saz, J. Pérez A.

Phase Transitions, 81 (2&3), 267-282, (2008).


  • "Classification of polymers by determining of C1:C2:CN:H:N.O ratios by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS)".

J. Anzano, R.J. Lasheras, B. Bonilla, J. Casas

Polymer Testing, 27, 705-710, (2008).


  • "Reagentless Optical Biosensors for Organic Compounds based on Autoindicating Proteins".

J. Galbán, V. Sanz, E. Mateos, I. Sanz, A. Delgado, S. De Marcos  (GBA)

Protein & Peptide Letters, 15(8), 772-778, (2008).


  • "Lustre recipes for Hispano-Moresque ceramic decoration in Muel (Aragon, Spain) or how much a little copper weighs".

J. Pérez A., C. Pardos  (GEAS)

Archaeology, History & Science. Integrating approaches to ancient materials, 151-166 (eds. M. Martinón-Torres, Th. Rehren). Left Coast Press, (USA), (2008).


  • "Aromatic herbal products analysis by laser-induced breakdown spectrospcoy".

J. Anzano, B. Bonilla, B. Montull, J. Casas

Scholarly Research Exchange, article ID 152607.doi:10.3814 (2008).


  • "Dried blood spots for Pb determination using solid sampling-graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry".

L. Rello, E. García R., M.A. Belarra, M. Resano  (MARTE)

Spectroscopy Europe, 20(5), 11-14, (2008).

  • "Characterization of cobalt pigments found in traditional Valencian ceramics by means of laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry".

J. Pérez A., M. Resano, E. García-Ruíz, F. Vanhaecke, C. Roldán, J. Ferrero, J. Coll  

Talanta, 74, 1271-1280, (2008)


  • "Estudio arqueométrico de cerámicas procedentes de cinco alfares celtibéricos del sistema ibérico central".

J. Igea, P. Lapuente, M.E. Saiz, F. Burillo, J. Bastida,  J. Pérez A.

Bol. Soc. Española Cerámica y Vidrio, 47(1), 44-55, (2008).


  • "La decoració de reflex metàl-li: un nanocompòsit medieval".

M. Vendrell-Saz, J. Pérez A., J. Molera, J. Roqué

Métode, 56, 73-79, (2008).

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