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project summary

Dendrimers are new materials obtained with a highly controlled molecular structure in several space orientations. Liquid Crystals (LC) Dendrimers are a part of them that incorporate directional properties to these materials. If we append active molecules into these engineered molecules, we can obtain multifunctional anisotropic molecules that open the possibility of achieving a wide variety of physical properties and new applications. Among the numerous possibilities to be explored within this field, we have chosen two fundamental lines, which are Biomedicine and Advanced Molecular Materials.

Training of multidisciplinary personnel in this field of research will contribute to concentrate the knowledge spread in different countries and to accelerate the development within Europe by means of industrial collaboration. This collaboration will provide an up-to-date list of requirements for better planning the research lines that ensure a rapid evolution of the existing ones in Europe, all of which are oriented to the synthesis of compounds easily transferable to industrial use. The aim is to reduce the existing gap between academically developed new materials and their industrial application. Multidisciplinary training will include modelling of new materials, chemical synthesis and controlled chemical orientation, structural functional studies, physical characterization of structural properties, biological modelling, molecular activity analyses, technology oriented samples and product escalation towards industry processes. These training aspects will go parallel to a research career, complementary formation and cooperation key-events.


Key words: dendrimers, liquid crystals, biomedicine, molecular materials science.


Cordis review.

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