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Since spring 2010 all project participants now must use the Participant Portal to access SESAM and other FP7 IT tools.

In case of IT problem or question, please contact the helpdesk:

e-mail: ec-fp7-it-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu
Phone: +32 2 29 87 288


The Coordinator can decide what kind of authorisation gives to each of the partners. Each institution should have a main contact person for this kind of processes.


Jean-François Maljean.


Identity and Access Management on the Participant Portal

Sent: 26/05/2010
Subject: Identity and Access Management on the Participant Portal

Dear Coordinator,

Following the introduction of a new version of the Identity and Access Management on the Participant Portal on the 15th of April 2010, the consortia will be able to manage the access to their projects for negotiation, amendments, financial and scientific reporting and the related roles on the Portal largely themselves, without intervention by the Commission.

The implementation of the concept of a unique platform requires an appropriate management of access rights, to provide each individual user access to the projects in which he/she is involved with the appropriate roles.

Please, be aware that the reporting tools SESAM and FORCE, in a transition phase, might still provide the possibility to give direct access (outside the portal) but this possibility will be phased out soon.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to start using the above link for future reporting and/or requests in your contracts.

You can see in attachment two important documents, one for setting the access rights and one with screen shots from the system.

Than you very much for your understanding,

Your sincerely

The Host Driven Action Team


Additional information:

***** Access to the Participant Portal *****
To have access to the Participant Portal, you need to have an ECAS username and password.

To create an ECAS account:
1. Navigate to the Internet Address:
2. You can use any new username (do not use an e-mail address, the "@" character is not accepted)
you want and complete all mandatory fields and click on "Submit"
3. You will receive a link by mail and this link should be activated within 90 minutes after the mail was sent
4. Type the new ECAS password and confirm the new ECAS password
5. Click on "Submit"
6. Click on "Logout"
7. Close the Internet Browser

***** Working with the Participant Portal *****
This is the link to the Participant Portal:

If you are the Coordinator:
Then you are the only person who can grant access to colleagues of your organisation and to the beneficiaries.
If you don't have the option to delegate access rights, then you need to contact the Project Officer. He/She should verify if the e-mail address of your ECAS account is encoded in NEF (Portal Coordinator Contact Person). Afterwards you can grant access to colleagues in your organisation and to the other beneficiaries.
To be able to grant them access, you need the e-mail address which is linked to their ECAS account.

If you are working as a colleague of the Coordinator or if you are a beneficiary:
We would like to ask you to contact the Coordinator. He/She will grant you access to the project on the Participant Portal.

***** Different sections in the Participant Portal *****
In the Participant Portal your project's can be located in several sections:
- My Projects - In negotiation: this contains your projects which are under negotiation.
- My Projects - Active: here you will find your active projects which are under amendment and links to the Form C and other reports.
- My Projects - Closed: here you will find the projects which are already closed.

***** If a project is missing on the Participant Portal *****
As a Coordinator, you need to contact the Project Officer. He/She should verify if the e-mail address of your ECAS account is encoded in NEF (Portal Coordinator Contact Person).
As a Partner, you need to send the e-mail address which is linked to your ECAS account to the Coordinator. He/She will grant you access.

***** Access to the Participant Portal as the LEAR *****
To work on the legal data of your organisation, you need to logon to the Participant Portal with your ECAS username/password.
You need to work in the section "My Organisation".

***** Granting Access *****
Here is the procedure to manage the roles:
1. On the upper rigth of the home page of the Participant Portal, click on "Manage roles and delegations".
2. Under the Project Roles section, click on the Delegation icon for a specific project.
a) click on Add+ to distribute the different roles in your organisation: insert the ECAS email address and assign the necessary role to each person. OR
b) click on Consortium Contacts to appoint the Participant Contact for each beneficiary in the consortium. These contacts will distribute the roles in their respective organisations.

With kind regards,
FP6 / FP7 IT Service Desk

External users can reach us at:
e-Mail: ec-fp7-it-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu
Phone: +32 2 29 87 288
 2 29 87 288


Some personalised help (pdf).



Jean-François Maljean (15/10/2010):

In the Participant Portal, if I am not mistaken, the Coordinator (Mr X) has only the right to nominate one Participant Contact (Mr Y) per Participant. After that, nomination of other people (Mr Z) in each Participant can only be done by the Participant contact (Mr Y), and not any longer by the coordinator (Mr X).
Does it answer your question?
For further clarification, I am inviting you to read carefully the full documentation and to call the helpdesk in case of persistent problem (EC-FP7-IT-HELPDESK@ec.europa.eu)






Link to SESAM, the European Commission online reporting tool for Research and Technological projects.

You can know how to use SESAM tool with this guide.

Please, consult the page "How to make our reports" and "Reports submitted".


You can consult these sections as well:


http://www.unizar.es/dendreamers/make_reports.htm.  There are different reports to be made along the project. Most of them must be made by us, the Coordinators, but some of them must be made by each partner first (i. e., Declarations on Conformity). (We’ll remind all of you the different deadlines when necessary).

Pay attention to this paragraph: Declaration on the Conformity. See art. 4, Annex III,

Within 20 days of the appointment of the researcher, the beneficiary shall transmit to the Commission, via the Coordinator, a signed declaration on the conformity of the agreement with this grant agreement. The Coordinator shall register the appointment and update the list and description of vacancies available, following the layout and procedures communicated by the Commission.

It would be very advisable to attach any interesting documents (pdf files, etc.) to the Declaration on Conformity en SESAM.

We expect this has been a help to you. If you have any other doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us as many times as necessary.


Francisco Rubio and Juan I. Gallego, 06/08/2009.






Apart from SESAM (where we have the declarations, reports, deliverables, etc., which each of us must submit to the European Commission), we should ask for access to ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) web page.

If you still don't have your user-name in ECAS, click on this link.

Remember our project's reference: 215884.

This page redirects to FORCE, where all of us can fill in the Forms C, etc., when necessary (september 2010).

If you agree, we, as Coordinators, could ask the Officer for full rights in this page, so that we can grant the access to each of you. When you fill in the Forms C, we, as Coordinators, must revise the data and confirm them... In next future, we'll give you some more information about this.

Please, have a look to this pdf file.


Juan I. and Francisco, 22/04/2010.

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