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Guidance notes on project reporting - ITN 2009.


This is a very useful guide to know when to submit the reports, etc. Please, have a thorough look at it as some of the reports must be sent by each partner; others must be compiled and sent by the Coordinator, etc.


You can consult the schedule (schedule, deliverables, deadlines) so that we remember when the reports must be prepared. Please, take into account the deadlines; above all, so that UNIZAR, as Coordinator, have enough time to revise the different reports before submitting officially via SESAM and by certificate post to the European Commission.


You can consult these guides:

Guidance notes on project reporting - ITN 2009

FP7 Mid-Term guidelines - ITN


You can download some templates so as to make the different kind of reports:

Progress Report

Periodic Report

Final Report

Distribution Report

Deliverable Reports (ready with our logos, etc.)

Career Development Plan



Evaluation questionnaire

Follow-up questionnaire

Mid-term assessment questionnaire


Declaration on the Conformity.

See art. 4, Annex III, ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/fp7/docs/fp7-mga-annex3intramulti_en.pdf:

Within 20 days of the appointment of the researcher, the beneficiary shall transmit to the Commission, via the Coordinator, a signed declaration on the conformity of the agreement with this grant agreement. The Coordinator shall register the appointment and update the list and description of vacancies available, following the layout and procedures communicated by the Commission.

Enter the Participant Portal, log-in, My projects, DENDREAMERS, RD (Reporting and Deliverables), Documents, Declaration on the Conformity. Fill in all the data: name of the fellow, type of contract, duration, location of origin, marital status, etc.


This is the explanation of the costs:

Category A: Monthly living and mobility allowances.

Category B: Travel allowance (yearly).

Category C: Career exploratory allowance (single payment).

Category D: Contribution to the participation expenses of eligible researcher.

Category E: Contribution to the research/ /transfer of knowledge programme expenses:.

Category F: Contribution to the organisation of international conferences, workshops and events.

Category G: Management activities.

Category H: Contribution to overheads.


Each report must be submitted via SESAM, printed out, signed by the scientist-in-charge and Financial Officer of the beneficiary and sent to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will have possibility to verify the reports and, if necessary, replicate them back to the beneficiaries. Once the reports are collected by the Coordinator, he/she is responsible for transmitting them to the Commission electronically via SESAM and originals via regular post.


Some extracts of this guide are:



























Dear IAPP and ITN coordinators,

As you are aware, in order to simplify the reporting procedure in FP7 the European Commission and the REA have decided to use SESAM as a compulsory tool for reporting.

For two Marie Curie actions IAPP and ITN we would like to inform you that starting from Friday 17 September 2010 some of reports have to be submitted via SESAM ONLY (no hardcopies & original signatures should be sent by mail).

The reports concerned are:

- Progress report

- Progress report for Mid-term review

- Periodic report

- Final report

For the following IAPP and ITN documents, in parallel to electronic submission, hardcopies with original signatures by mail are still required:

- Financial Statements of beneficiaries (Form C) (FORCE)

- Declarations on the conformity (SESAM)

- Notifications (SESAM)

- Amendment requests (SESAM)

- other documents related to your project

We believe this will simplify your reporting requirements related to your ITN and/or IAPP projects.

The reporting guidelines available on our web page will be updated accordingly.

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


Jean-Francois MALJEAN

Project Adviser

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