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Taking control of your career.


Guide for applicants (ITN 2007). We'll use this guide to calculate the quantities of the respective contracts, as our project was submitted that year. (We have consulted our National Contact Point because we had some doubts related to this matter and this has been his answer).

You can see an example of how to calculate the quantities of the contracts here:

How to make the contracts (ESRs)

How to make the contracts (ERs)

Please, take into account that all the contracts must be based on these figures; you can't pay less than foreseen in the guide / project. If you want to pay more money to your hired researchers (because of internal reasons), you should use your own resources.


Guide for applicants (ITN 2008) and a brief version of it.


Work Programme 2007-2008 - People. You can see the different correction coefficients here:

- Lithuania: 71.8

- France: 104.4

- Spain: 95.5

- Sweden: 108.9

- United Kingdom: 109.2

- Germany: 101.5

- Portugal: 91.4

- Greece: 90.1

Also: the travel allowance (relation between the distance and the fixed-amount contribution. The link to a distance calculating tool online is:


As our project was awarded on the 2007 ITN call, therefore the numbers (correction factors, salaries, etc) that apply for the whole duration of the project are those indicated in the WP 2007.

You can consult other matters related to Management in the Restricted area: Management and dissemination events calendar and Reports.


In short, and considering some doubts which have arisen these weeks, you should take into account some main points:

  1. 1. Our figures must be based on the Guide 2007, as that was the year when we were awarded with the grant.
  2. 2. The Category A (monthly living and mobility allowances) should be the base of the monthly salary paid to the researcher. The mobility allowance will depend on the marital status of the researcher.
  3. 3. The Category B (travel allowance) will be calculated taking into account the location of origin (see comments on the file "How to make the contracts") and it should be paid yearly.
  4. 4. The Category C (career exploratory allowance) will be a single payment at the end of the fellowship.
  5. 5. The Category D (contribution to the participation expenses of eligible researchers) is a quantity at your institution's disposal, in the course of the fellowship, which is calculated: 600 * Nr of hired researchers * Nr of months of the fellowship. Your researchers must justify their expenses related to this Category with receipts, tickets, etc.
  6. 6. The Category E (contribution to the research/training/transfer of knowledge programme expenses) is a fixed amount of €600 per researcher-month. This quantity goes to the host organisation to contribute to the overall expenses related to the execution of the training project. It's at your disposal in the course of the fellowships.
  7. 7. The Category F (contribution to the organisation of international conferences, workshops and events) is a fixed amount contribution of €300 per researcher-day for researchers from outside the network, for the duration of the event.
  8. 8. The Category G (management activities) is based on actual expenses related to the management of project (i. e, a Manager's salary). Maximum, 7 %.
  9. 9. The Category H (overhead costs) refers to a flat rate payment of 10% of the direct costs, excluding costs for subcontracting.
  10. 10. As soon any contract is signed, you have 20 days to submit the correspondent Declaration on Conformity through SESAM web page (see the section referred to SESAM). The very first step is asking for your registration in the web page. Try to make all the steps these days.

Please, don't hesitate to arise us with any doubt you could have. We'll try to solve them as soon as possible.


Juan I. and Francisco, 02/09/2009.


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