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concept and project objectives

B 1.2 Concept and project objectives

The goal of the present proposal is aimed at coalescing both research fields, using LC Dendrimers as a tool to confer directionality to some of the properties and applications of dendrimers (Biomedicine and Advanced Materials). This provides an additional issue that may be essential in those cases in which anisotropy and self-organization are fundamental.

Project objectives:

• Objective 1: Training of 16 European PhD (ESR) and improving the skills of 9 post-docs (ER) in this multidisciplinary field. In order to achieve this goal, all ESRs and ERs will carry out 5/6 (ESRs) or 3/4 (ERs) parts of their work period in their corresponding centres. In addition, they will spend a secondment stay in, at least, one of the other complementary centres of the Network. Thus, it will be possible to combine for example: Preparation and physical characterization, modellization and preparation, physical properties and modellisation, synthesis and commercialisation (industry stages).

• Objective 2: Synthesis and characterisation of new functional LC dendrimers for Biomedical and Science Materials applications.

• Objective  3: Study of the physical properties of the new materials synthesised.

• Objective 4: Survey of the potential applications of the compounds prepared in both Biomedicine and Materials Science fields.


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