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Docencia en inglés


On 2013, the School of Law of the University of Zaragoza host the II International Conference devoted to the study of key Issues on Business Law. This Conference deals with some of the topics that will be developed in the class "Key Issues on International Business Law". The guest lecture was given by Professor Norbert Reich (University of Bremen, Germany) on Friday, the 25 October.

El conferenciante, prof. Reich y los profs. Palá y Bueso,  el día de la conferencia que reunió a más de 150 estudiantes y profesores de la Facultad


On April 19, 2012, the School of Law of the University of Zaragoza host an International Conference devoted to the study of key Issues on Business Law. This Conference deal with some of the topics that will be developed in the class "Key Issues on International Business Law".


Conferenciantes y profesoras encargadas de la nueva asignatura junto al Decano,

el día de la conferencia que reunió a más de 100 estudiantes



This course is offered to Law and DADE students who seek to better understand the core aspects of current International Business Law. This course relies heavily on student participation. Therefore, students will take an exam on legal English during the first class and those who do not pass it, will be able to cancel the course registration in the secretariat of the Law School. Readings and additional course materials will be available through Moodle. Students should work on the documents in advance and print out the required materials prior to coming to class. Assignments must be properly completed on time. The course grade will be based on the following criteria: 40% class participation and assignments; 60% final exam. Students with a legitimate reason for missing a class should contact the professors by e-mail prior to the class with as much notice as possible.

Professors can be reached under the following email addresses: salcazar@unizar.es, pbueso@unizar.es, rpala@unizar.es.

The course consists of three parts, each of which deals with the following topics:


I. Company Law. Prof. Palá: This part aims to develop students knowledge and understanding of the purposes of Company Law in an American, European and national context. It will equip students with the knowledge of the legislation regulating companies and the leading cases on Company Law and provide opportunities for students to develop critical skills in these areas.

  • Class 1: Sources of Company Law: National Law. European and USA Law.
  • Class 2: Types of Companies: Public/private companies. Single member companies. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Class 3: Formation procedures: stakes and shares; annual general meeting. Deed of incorporation, By-laws, Registration in the Mercantile Register. Partners' and shareholders' Rights. Division of power between directors and general meeting. Types of annual general meetings and adoption of decisions.
  • Class 4: Corporate Governance. Organizational arrangements. The board of directors. Main rules on corporate governance.
  • Class 5: Structural changes. Mergers, Divisions, Total assignment of assets.


II. Labour Law. Prof. Alcázar: Developing Labour Law issues related to International Business Law will allow students to understand the great importance of negotiation at all levels and, mainly, on an industrial conflict framework.

  • Class 1: Trade unions and employers' associations.
  • Class 2: Collective bargaining.
  • Class 3: Employee representation in the enterprise.
  • Class 4: Industrial conflicts and negotiation.
  • Class 5: Social dialogue in Europe


III. Competition Law. Prof. Bueso: This part will improve students understanding of the regulation of competition in a EU context, focusing on the key issue of the distribution over the Internet.

  • Class 1: EU Antitrust Law
  • Class 2: EU Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and on Trade Marks
  • Class 3: Distribution over the Internet and EU Competition Law






Reyes Palá Laguna.


Chaired Professor of Commercial Law (Catedrática acreditada de Derecho Mercantil). Graduate at the Faculty of Law of the University Zaragoza (1990). Ph. Doctorate with Honors (UZ Ph. Award, 1995, "Premio Extraordinario"). Deputy Director of the Business Law Department UZ.

She has been Deputy Dean (2001.2002) at the Zaragoza Faculty of Law and Deputy Director of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV 2002-2005), and since 2007 Chairmen of Arbitration Court of the Aragon County Governement.

She has been researcher (during 2 years, 1995-1996) at the Université de Paris I (Pantheon Sorbonne), the London Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (1993), the Gent Faculty of Law (1992), the TCD (2009) and the RCC Harvard Law School (2012). Visiting Professor at the Dublin Trinity College School of Law (2010) . Member of several Law and Finances Research projects since 1990. Member of the Board of Editors of the Revista de Derecho del Mercado de Valores (Securities Law Review) and permament member of the Companies Law Review and the Insolvency Law Review. National Reporter for the XVIIth. Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (Washington, 2010). Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute. Director of several Ph thesis

Author of more than 50 publications (Spanish, English and French) on Companies Law, Securities Law, Commercial Law and Comparative Law.


Sara Alcázar Ortiz


At present she is full professor at the Labour Law Department in the Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza. She has been the Managing Director of “Pabellón de Aragón 2008, S.A.”, public enterprise of the regional Government of Aragón (Spain) created to organize the representation and activities developed for the regional Government at the International Exposition Zaragoza 2008. Commissioner-Director of the “Pabellón de Aragón” (Aragon Pavilion) at the International Exposition Zaragoza 2008 (Zaragoza, 14/06-14/09-2008). She has been working as lawyer in the Cuatrecasas Law firm and in the Garrigues Law firm and Tax Assesor as the Labor Law Department Manager. She  graduated in B.A. in Law (University of Zaragoza) and Corporation Law: Labour Law and Social Security in the E.C. and Spain, and M.A. Specialization on Labour Law and Social Security, and M.B.A. in Human Resources and Business Administration. She has been researcher of the Universities of La Rioja and Zaragoza (Spain), Pisa, Bari, Roma Tre (Italy) and Bremen (Germany). She was the Spanish representative in the CONPRI III PROJECT Training in Social Dialogue in Europe, European Comission, Brussels (June-December, 1999). She has participated in seminars and courses on Negotiations, Labour Law and Labour Security and Hazard prevention and European and International Law. She has obteined several research awards and has been invited lecturer to national and international seminars and conferences.


Pedro-Jose Bueso Guillén


Bachelor of Law, Univer­sity of Zaragoza (1990); Magister Legum Europeæ (LL.M. Eur.), University of Bremen, Germany (1995); Doctor of Law, University of Zaragoza (1999) - Ph. D. Thesis on distribution agreements and vertical restraints in European Law. Senior Lecturer for Commercial Law, Law School, University of Zaragoza (2002-). Lecturer at the University of Bremen and Münster, Germany, and Visiting Professor of the Universities of Lüneburg and Saarland, Germany, Gdansk, Poland, and Orléans, France.

He has published in Spain and aboard on Competition Law, Banking Law, Consumer Protection Law and Company Law. He is permanent collaborator of the Spanish Company Law Review and the Spanish Competition and Distribution Law Review. He has been national reporter for the European Commission and assessor for the European Scientific Foundation several times.

Now he is focusing his research in ICT Law. He is the head of a team of researchers linked to the Advanced Laboratory on Legal & Business Applications for the Information Society ( located al the Technological Park Walqa, in Huesca, especially of the Research Group on Electronic Promotion, Contracting and Taxation (e-PROCOFIS). The Lab offers postgraduate education on business administration of electronic enterprises (MeBA) and undertakes interdisciplinary research on the legal and business questions linked to the development of e-Commerce and e-Government, being a consultant on this subject-matter for the enterprises in Aragon, especially for the enterprises located in Walqa, the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) and the Regional Government of Aragon. Furthermore, this Group has participated in the 6th Framework Program of the EU first in the Integrated Project of the on “Digital Business Ecosystem” (DBE) [2006-07] and in the Network of Excellence on “Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems (OPAALS) [2007-10]; later in the 7th Framework Program of the EU, in the Collaborative Project on a “Legal Technical Framework for Privacy Preserving Data Management” (ENDORSE) [2010-2012].



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