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Institutional information:

These pages provide general information on the University of Zaragoza, its founding, history, geographical location, governing bodies, as well as academic information and admission procedures.

How to arrive at Zaragoza:

Zaragoza is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, at a distance of about 300 km from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao (see the map below).

By plane: there are daily flights from and to Madrid and Barcelona. The connection between the city and the airport, at a distance of 10 km, is by bus or taxi. More information about the airport can be found in AENA and in the airlines Iberia, Air-Europa, and Ryanair.

By train: Zaragoza-Delicias railway station is marked in the map with an R. There are fifteen to twenty high speed trains from Madrid to Zaragoza and viceversa every day, which take some minutes less than one hour and a half to reach the destination. From Barcelona to Zaragoza and viceversa there are also fifteen to twenty high speed trains every day in each direction, which take one hour and a half or two hours depending on the train. Timetables, prices and other details about these and other trains can be found in the spanish railway company Renfe.

Once in the Zaragoza-Delicias railway station, the easiest way to arrive at the Mathematics building is taking a taxi to San Francisco square (plaza de San Francisco). The main entrance to the campus (Ciudad Univeritaria) is there. Under normal traffic circumstances, the taxi should cost around 5 or 6 euros. The distance from San Francisco square to the Mathematics building is about 300 metres (see the map below with the campus and its neighbourhood).

Iberian Peninsula Map of Zaragoza

By bus: all the bus companies arrive at Zaragoza-Delicias station. Timetables, prices, and other details can be seen in their corresponding web pages: Alsa (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and other places), Jiménez (Valencia, Logroño).

By car: the main road from Madrid to Zaragoza is the A-2 highway; the usual point of arrival to the city is marked in the map with an M. The letter V points one of the possible entries from Valencia by highway. There are two possible accesses from Logroño, Pamplona and Bilbao, which correspond to Zaragoza-center and Zaragoza-south; they are marked in the map with an L. The main access from Barcelona, at the north of the city, is out of the map, but you can also access by the ring-road ronda Hispanidad to meet the point V.

Anyway, once inside the city some references could be helpful to reach the campus or the San Francisco square: the football stadium Romareda (letter F in the map), the Miguel Servet hospital (letter H) and the University hospital (letter C). The campus is the green area surrounding the University hospital.

The campus at San Francisco square:

The Mathematical Analysis group is located at the first floor of the Mathematics building of the Faculty of Sciences, in the campus of San Francisco square. In the map, the Mathematics building is in the centre, coloured in black. San Francisco square (plaza de San Francisco), where the main entrance to the campus is, can be seen in the lower right part. The distance from San Francisco square to the Mathematics building is about 300 metres. Traffic and parking inside the campus are restricted to authorized vehicles.

Campus at San Francisco square

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